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Dear Friend,

Many of us have a growing sense that something is very wrong – that our great country is becoming weaker, that our rich country is becoming poorer. Sometimes it seems as if we are hurtling downhill toward a brick wall, and that very soon perhaps we are going to wake up in a country we no longer recognize.

And we all know that our children and grandchildren are going to be called upon to bear a heavy burden – one they should never have to bear. Rather than making the tough decisions, too often politicians opt for the easy answers – spending money we don’t have on wasteful programs that don’t work, or worse yet, on programs that encourage people not to work and be productive.

The frustrating thing is that we all know this. But when we look for leadership, we too often find nothing but self-serving greed and blind ambition.

Because I share these concerns, I decided to try to do something about it – and since 2008 have been honored to serve as your voice in Harrisburg.

The solutions to our problems are within reach if we act decisively to grow our economy and to bring excessive government spending under control. I was proud to have your support two years ago and I need your support again in this year’s election to continue the fight for common sense responsible government.

Thank you,
Tim Krieger

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